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Jocuri indemanare - Arunca-te in universul celor mai noi jocuri de indemanare unde iti vei testa abilitatile si rapiditatea
12 swap
12 Swap
Play this cool game by arranging the smiley faces so that there are 3 or more faces of the same color in a row. Complete all the levels of the game and earn as many points as you can! Have fun!
(Jucate: 81,604)
3D logic
3D Logic
Link every pair of like colored markers to complete a cube. You cannot link cells diagonally! Complete all the levels of the game and have fun!
(Jucate: 49,655)
8 planets
8 Planets
Your goal in this game is to destroy all the balls in the chain before they reach you. To destroy them you have to shoot and align three or more balls of the same color. Have fun!
(Jucate: 65,641)
After The Party Clean Up
After The Party Clean Up
The party is finished and now is the clean up time. Make sure all three rooms are sparkling when you're done.
(Jucate: 272,080)
Banana Rama
Banana Rama
Tooki and Mooki are two hungry monkeys but they need to work together and collect all those delicious bananas. Tooki carries Mooki and helps her jump higher so they can reach the fruits - can you g...
(Jucate: 28,146)
Blow up
Blow Up
Play this game by clearing the board of the colored balls. You have to shoot them with the ball that appears at the bottom of the board. You have to align three or more balls of the same color to m...
(Jucate: 45,051)
Brock Flower Picking
Brock Flower Picking
Help our little bee collect the flowers from the garden. Move the bee around and collect the flowers of the same color. Be careful at not mixing the colored flowers or our bee will be sent home and...
(Jucate: 58,259)
Bug Patrol
Bug Patrol
Itís spring and flowers are in bloom but with them so many bugs came and try to eat our flowers. As part of the Bug Patrol, your mission is to protect the flowers from the bug invasion. Use your sp...
(Jucate: 31,904)
Buttons Up
Buttons Up
Addy and her mom have moved to Philadelphia and now her mom is working as a seamstress and Addy is helping her. She is doing some deliveries and cleaning the shop after closing. Can you give her a ...
(Jucate: 62,186)
Caroline's Room Ordering
Caroline's Room Ordering
Caroline's room is such a mess: clothes everywhere, toys spread all over the room, her bed undone...oh just a mess. So, her mom told her to start cleaning the room and put everything in order. Coul...
(Jucate: 198,453)
Catch A Smoochie
Catch A Smoochie
Catch as many kisses as you can in 3 minutes and avoid the falling broken hearts.
(Jucate: 42,641)
Christmas Letters Game
Christmas Letters Game
Try to find all the letters of the alphabet in this Christmas image.
(Jucate: 61,277)
Christmas matching game
Christmas Matching Game
Play this memory game by matching the pairs of Christmas images as fast as you can in order to get the maximum score! Enjoy!
(Jucate: 43,079)
City Soccer Shootout
City Soccer Shootout
Have fun with your favorite Nickelodeon characters. Lauren and Vida are having a friendly free-kick competition. They are good friends and love to play soccer. Choose your player between the two gi...
(Jucate: 24,623)
Clean Up Time
Clean Up Time
You have to help the little girl clean up her room. There are three levels and each of them gets harder. Make sure each object goes in the appropriate area and make that room tidy. Also check out t...
(Jucate: 100,874)
Dory's memory game
Dory's Memory Game
Have fun by playing with Dory! You have to help her match up all her friend as fast as you can. Dory has memory problems so she needs you to use your memory! She can't remember a thing! Help her ma...
(Jucate: 40,862)
Fashion Designer New York
Fashion Designer New York
Try to become a New York fashion designer! Select models, outfits and accesories and start your fashion show.
(Jucate: 77,722)
Find the Difference
Find The Difference
How good of an observer are you? Can you find differences between photos? If you are not sure or think you are the best we challenge you to this find the difference game. Try to find all the differ...
(Jucate: 52,428)
Flower Frenzy
Flower Frenzy
Your goal in this game is to quickly align three or more flowers horizontally or vertically! Try to get as many points as you can before the time runs out!
(Jucate: 36,267)
Fluffy Pool
Fluffy Pool
Este un joc clasic de indemanare cu bile in care trebuie sa lovesti bilele una de alta ca sa termini nivelele si sa cumulezi puncte
(Jucate: 25,388)
Gemstone match
Gemstone Match
The purpose of this game is to earn points by creating a line of intersections containing three or more gemstones of the same type.
(Jucate: 27,788)
High School Band
High School Band
Let's play some cool music with the High School Band! Play this cool game and listen to some great music. All you have to do is pay attention to the sequence of the song and hit the right chords so...
(Jucate: 37,263)
Holly Hobbie Pack a Picnic
Holly Hobbie Pack A Picnic
Holly is meeting Carrie and Amy for a Hey Girls Club picnic. Help her to make it extra special by packing as many goodies as you can! Her friends will be so happy to enjoy all the goodies that Holl...
(Jucate: 45,144)
Holly's Water Balloon Blast
Holly's Water Balloon Blast
Play this great skill game with Holly Hobbie and her friends! Robby and Kyle are again being silly. Instead of doing their chores they decided to challenge Holly to a water balloon fight. Help Holl...
(Jucate: 50,701)
You have this beautiful garden you must take care of! To make the flowers and vegetable grow, you must irrigate your garden! So, dig up to irrigate all the garden to win this game!
(Jucate: 39,770)
Jewel Craze
Jewel Craze
Play this skill game and see how fast you can click to collect jewels in only 30 seconds. Jewels are going to fall on the game window and you have to click on them quickly to collect them. Each jew...
(Jucate: 35,349)
This is a really cool and entertaining game in which you have to shoot the balls and destroy them before the snake gets into the hole. Create groups of three or more same colored balls by shooting ...
(Jucate: 39,044)
Lilo and Stitch Pod Puzzles
Lilo And Stitch Pod Puzzles
Have fun playing with your favorite Disney Characters - Lilo and Stitch. Help them in their new adventure on the island. Collect all the pods that are scattered all over the island and take them to...
(Jucate: 55,940)
Little Dogs Cross Stitch
Little Dogs Cross Stitch
Do you like cross stitching but you think is a little hard? Well, let me tell you a secret: play this game and you'll see just how easy it is! All you have to do is choose one of the cute little do...
(Jucate: 52,582)
Love Quest
Love Quest
Bonnie wants to ask Kevin to go out on Valentine's Day, but first she must face four girls who want the same thing. She has to beat them one by one on this skills battle. The winner will get Kevin'...
(Jucate: 22,472)