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Jocuri cu dans - Joaca online cele mai bune si mai noi jocuri cu dansuri
Animal Dance
Animal Dance
Do you want to have some fun and dance with the cute little animals? The have just escaped from the zoo and the farm and came in your home to dance for you. Aren't they just cute? Receive them in y...
(Jucate: 41,496)
Bravo boogie
Bravo Boogie

(Jucate: 71,776)
Dance Simone
Dance Simone
Have fun with this cool dancing game, by matching Simone's moves with the ones in the images below. When you make it to 15 combos, you get a big surprise!
(Jucate: 31,135)
Dance studio
Dance Studio
This is a very good dance studio where you can learn dancing from a great teacher. Just look at her moves and try to copy them! The teacher will begin with simple moves and continue with more compl...
(Jucate: 32,261)
Dancing bug
Dancing Bug
Have fun by playing with this cute little bug. He is a talented artist who has to perform a great show today. He needs you to help with his show. You can choose the music for his show, a nice backi...
(Jucate: 20,608)
Dancing queen
Dancing Queen
You have to make this cute little dancing queen dance on your finger tips. To do this you have to hit the right keys at the right time depending on the musical notes. Pay attention and hit the righ...
(Jucate: 13,558)
harem dancer
Harem Dancer

Sophie este o frumoasa dansatoare harem care apartine trupei din Vancouver statutul profesional dansului din buric. Astăzi, ea are nevoie de ajutorul tau pentru un makeover complet ...
(Jucate: 65,683)

High School cheerleader
High School Cheerleader
Help your girl become a great high school cheerleader! She must learn some important dance moves for that! Just pay attention and make her dance perfect! Good luck and have fun!
(Jucate: 59,576)
Hip Hop don't stop
Hip Hop Don't Stop
Have fun by playing a cool hip hop dancing game! Help the three dancers become famous! Do the right dancing moves to complete all the levels and gain as many points as you can!
(Jucate: 36,140)
Play this game by helping Honey impress the dancing trainer! Make Honey dance by pressing the right combination of keys! Complete all the levels and gain as many points as you can! Try not to loose...
(Jucate: 28,278)
Jungle jiggy
Jungle Jiggy
Play this game by helping Simmo dancing! Make the correct dancing moves to impress the judges and score the points you need to go to the next level. Pay attention to Simmo's moves and complete all ...
(Jucate: 15,366)
Mad Dog Squad
Mad Dog Squad
You are a trainer for the cheerleaders Mad Dog Squad. Today you will have to teach the cheerleader a new dance routine. Choose your cheerleader, the music, the background and then the moves. When y...
(Jucate: 75,704)
Onix dance
Onix Dance
Choose your favorite character and play this funny dancing game by making the right dancing moves!
(Jucate: 17,559)
Perfect Dancer
Perfect Dancer
Is there a Perfect Dancer hiding inside you? There's only one way to find out. Enjoy!
(Jucate: 22,257)
Princess maker
Princess Maker
Play this game by making the princess dance! Pay attention to make the correct dancing moves to gain points and complete all the levels of the game. If you loose, the princess will cry!
(Jucate: 10,785)
Help this girl make a ten minutes cool dancing show! Choose her moves and the music to dance on.
(Jucate: 53,394)
Totally spies dance
Totally Spies Dance
Help this three girl perform their dancing number! Be careful to do the right moves. When a dancer does a mistake she falls down. When the three of them fall, the curtain will fall and the game is ...
(Jucate: 73,606)
We dance online
We Dance Online
Play this cool dancing game by making the character do the right steps!
(Jucate: 18,382)